Kelly and Justin met in 1998 as students at The Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, Ohio.  After graduating in 2000, they both went to work as commercial photographers for a craft publishing company in Central Indiana, taking pictures of everything from food, to afghans, to models with knitted scarves.  In 2002, Justin moved to Hollywood, California to embark on a 2 year hiatus from photography, and delved into the world of television production.  During this time, Kelly continued to work as a doily photographer, while both logged many hours in the sky, criss-crossing the country to see each other.  In July, 2004, Justin moved back to Indiana and married Kelly.  Shortly thereafter, they opened their first studio in Lagrange, Indiana.  In addition to the studio, Kelly became the lead photographer at The Tire Rack, shooting cars, tires, wheels, etc. 

After growing for 2 years in LaGrange, they decided to move the business to downtown Elkhart, Indiana.  While Justin runs the day to day operations of the studio, Kelly is a great asset providing her skills not only as a photographer, but also as an advisor with a great attention to detail.  We look forward to the future, meeting new friends through this amazing job we get to do every day.
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