Top 5 Photography Locations

#1 Notre Dame, Saint Mary's... any local College Campus!

Whether shooting a wedding in South Bend, Indiana or Tiffin, Ohio I love taking advantage of the available architecture and landscapes as a backdrop for the portrait session.

#2 Downtown......anywhere!

Urban areas provide a great variety of texture and color, and even during a bright sunny day you can find the soft open shade in the shadow of the city.

#3 Golf Courses.......(clubhouses)

We all know how beautiful a golf course can be, especially in the right light! but what if you get one of those not so great days? Most clubhouses offer a variety of options for great shots!

#4 Open Spaces!

The beauty of open spaces is the simplicity, Its all you, its all good!

#5 Your Location!

Whatever the weather, wherever your wedding... with the right attention to light and background, your portraits can be a classic and timeless memory of your wedding day.


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